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Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I am not a mushroom hunter. But, a few weeks ago I found a Morel Mushroom!

Sorry for the "small" shot, I sent this photo to my husband via my cell phone. Guess I forgot to grab the regular camera too!

Typically I will happen across one Morel during the season. I will gingerly take my treasure home, cart it around like the trophy that it is for a few hours, cut it up, saute it in butter and share tiny bites with my in-laws, DH and son. My daughter doesn't like mushrooms...yet.
This year I have Winston and we walk and walk and walk each day. We were out for about an hour when I looked down and saw a patch of these tasty treats at my feet! Fortunately I had my just-in-case-I-run-across-some-mushrooms bag with me. :)
Since I usually only find one morel, I wasn't really sure what to do with all these.
But, fear not, I cut them up, sauteed them and then snacked all night long.
The next day for lunch I had a wonderful Morel, provolone cheese, spinach, tomato and onion mix on a toasted bun. Mmmm! Heaven!


sweetcakes said...

Lucky you!

parTea lady said...

I like mushrooms, but don't think I've ever tried morels. My favorite is portabella. Nice photos.