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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Lately in my neck of the woods...

I have been very busy snapping photos and trying to label them. Thought I'd share a little of the beauty capturing my eyes. Southern Indiana is an amazing place to live!

Striped Bass?
Red Spotted Purple Butterfly
When I think of butterflies, I think flowers...not woods.
Snail is tucked away inside!
Tree Frog...about an inch big!
Ten inch Toad Stool
This is what I imagine a toad stool to look like, but it could be a mushroom. I am working on learning if there is a difference.
LOOK CAREFULLY in the picture below.

Can you find the snake on the brown leaves?
Here it is up close.
Any guesses as to what it is?
I am positive it is a Copperhead!
Elliptical eyes made me wary. Once home I searched the web.
It is in my area, it is poisonous, but of the venomous snakes here...it's the least venomous. That's supposed to be a comforting thought.
I respect nature and will avoid this guy and am glad I can ID him (or her) now.
Two deer photos to compare:
Anyone else think this doe is pregnant?
Buck with his new antlers starting to grow.
I love watching the deer! They always see Winston and me before W sees them. He's usually on the hunt for a chipmunk or a bird...nose to the ground...sniff, sniff, sniffing. As the seasons change, the coats of the deer change too. Right now they are a gorgeous orange brown.


Esmerelda said...

Wow. I could not find the snake in that photo. Nice ones.

comfrey cottages said...

oh i think your doe is preggers also lisa:) your photography skills have developed amazingly since we met:) i just adore your woods. cute frog, snail, and butterflies too:) yes, please do try to avoid the copperheads! winston and you have such wonderful walks! give him a pet for me will you please? i think this is the best book for our area especially for mushrooms lisa. the library might have it. highly recommend it

parTea lady said...

Your nature photos are great. There is so much to see in your neck of the woods. I'm afraid that copperhead might keep me away. ;-)