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Tuesday, June 29, 2010


W and I heard some strange cries in the woods on our walk yesterday afternoon.
Looks like it was time for some babies to venture out into the big world!

Both of these little ones were at the base of the tree when we first came along. We watched them for a bit as they climbed and climbed back up the tree. I am sure their mama was nearby. Babies in the wild are way more capable than we humans like to think. Since I like to name all the things I find,
I called the one above Lucy and the one below...Ricky!
Winston was sure I was going bring one of these two home for him as a playmate! After we left them, he would periodically stop leading me, turn around and smell my pockets and camera. My hunter would not have played nicely.
My rule remains...no babies! :)

1 comment:

parTea lady said...

Those baby racoons are pretty well camoflaged on the tree - nice photos.

My brother's dogs like to chase critters at the cottage. There have been a couple of unfortunate encounters with porcupines.