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Monday, June 28, 2010

Bambi and Flower in One Day!

Flower spent the day under the stairs of our deck.
Winston enjoyed keeping tabs on him (check out W's blog).
By dinner time, Flower moved to under our deck and this morning hasn't returned...thank goodness! :)
While taking an afternoon hike with my DH and W I spotted Bambi!
It's hard not to say "aw!"
There must be four or five fawns in the area this year. W can't resist the deer. We've been working on our circle of trust (no leash in the yard) and he failed on Friday. I was mulching around my in-laws yard, looked up and saw a fawn come out of the woods out back just before W did. W bolted! Not good. I was home alone, tried to go after him but didn't have any luck in finding him. He is a fast dog when he runs unleashed. I went into the woods and called his name. I heard some rustling nearby and thought to myself, good he hasn't gone far when the fawn came out of a thicket and towards me. :) A few hours later W came home. This was the second time he'd run off after deer, but the first time my DH and two kids were around to help corral him. Can I just say I felt so happy that Winston found his way home! Yes, I was mad that he ran off, but I was so happy that he knew where to come home too!

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parTea lady said...

I remember having a skunk under our porch at my childhood home. It sprayed and my Dad ended up having to rip out the porch floor and replace it. :-)

Your photos are great. Glad Winston made it home safely.