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Saturday, November 06, 2010

Brad Pitt Tutorial?

Not quite. Sorry, Lauranie!
This is really my Halloween-with-the-Teens Wrap-up.

Being almost too old to trick-or-treat, my kids hosted a dress-up Halloween party for their friends on the Friday before hand. We had 23 kids at our house in costume. The party included food, a bonfire and a Best Costume Award. I thought I'd show off what my own two decided upon for the party.

My son ended up transforming into one of Brad Pitt's characters, Tyler Durden from the movie Fight Club. The imaginary character of Tyler is pictured above and my son is pictured below...just to clarify!
My son found this AWESOME leather car coat on eBay for $15.50. I think it was from the 70's and it was in great shape. It cost way less than what I would have spent on the materials. We were having trouble finding just the right look for a shirt that "Tyler" would wear and I did end up making his shirt. The only other thing I had to help with was cutting my son's hair. He made fake blood (from his "fights") out of corn syrup, cocoa and red food coloring. I think we spent a grand total of about $40.00 on this costume, and the coat has all ready been worn non-stop since the 31st.

Fight Club trivia: Brad Pitt found the leather coat he wore for the role of Tyler at a used clothing store!
Being a girl...my daughter changed her mind from
Jeannie, of I Dream of Jeannie,
to The Bride...a.k.a Beatrix Kiddo (Uma Thurman)
in her yellow jumpsuit from Kill Bill,
to Miss America.

While looking for a leather coat, we found a fantastic used clothing store in our town called Material Plane. My daughter's costume was an 80's style pink dress. I made a sash and dusted off one of my old tiara's to round out the costume.

This was probably the easiest year to date of my
costume making chores for Halloween!


Esmerelda said...

How many old tiaras do you have, Lisa?

Hootie said...


Only two...but I stopped wearing them long ago.


T Noelle said...

Stephen looks great! love the hair, the jacket, the shirt! very nice :)

Lauranie said...

Hey....your son looks just as "yummy" as Brad Pitt...if that is OK to say in a NON-cougar way!! :) Your kids are just gorgeous, Lisa! I LOVE easy Halloweens, great job on the shirt...one day I will get over my "SHIRT PHOBIA" and be whipping them up as easy as you! Great find on all of the items! Counting down....116 days til Disney...woo hoo!! ;)

sweetcakes said...

I think you deserved the "easy" Halloween costume making after spending hours on the complicated pirate costumes, only a couple of months before.

Lynn said...

HAHAHAHHA! great job on the fight club costume! love it!

charlesdusty10 said...

Brad is a real hootie.

fight club costume