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Friday, November 19, 2010


My crafting efforts have finally been rewarded!
My Christmas stocking, that I started nine months ago when my newest niece was born, is finally done and will be hanging soon on her fireplace mantle.

For some reason, I am now in the mood for Christmas. Hmm. I have promised my teens that I will wait until the day after Thanksgiving to get out my decorations.
Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays.
Great food, no hassle of present buying, and then great leftovers!
Last year I perused a tutorial on Rip and Tear Napkins that my friend Kimara of Wee Folk Art posted on her blog. If you read the comments on the link I've attached to their blog name you'll see I said I was going to try to make some asap. Well, last Sunday was asap for me! Above are my Rip and Tear Thanksgiving Napkins. A year ago I thought the directions for this seemed too easy to be true. I made 8 napkins in less than an hour! Easy Peasy! We've been using than all week and they have been though the washer several times. No sewing on this project and yet no fraying! My siblings may be getting these as their Christmas gifts this year along with a little of my Christmas baking. I think I'll use more neutral-colored material so they can be used all year long. What a fun, green gift!
I can't wait to pull out my stack of 20+ holiday CD's on Friday. Christmas baking starts just after the decorations are put in place. Who doesn't love homemade buckeyes, cookies, English toffee...?

Season's Greetings all! :)


Kimara@weefolkart said...

First off... speaking as someone who has sampled your cookies... you'd be crazy not to love them :)

And asap is in the eyes of the beholder... right ;)

The napkins look great and so easy! Would I lie? I think they would make great gifts.

And as far as Christmas music goes... years ago my family had a meeting... I wasn't invited! It was determined that I couldn't listen to Christmas music until after HALLOWEEN! It has been by sheer will power that I have been able to refrain until November 1! I'm bathed in the crooning of Dean Martin as I speak. Sexiest man ever born... but I digress!

Anyway... have a lovely Thanksgiving. So much to be thankful for, including my special friends like you! Blessings!

Oh, btw... I'll be linking on Facebook!

earthboysblog said...

Your christmas stocking is beautiful! Our cloth napkins are looking rather stained so this is a wonderful project for me to do.

Steph said...

Those napkins are great!

Lauranie said...

I am with Kimara on your Christmas baking...YUM!!!! :) WOWwie!!! What an AWESOMEly detailed stocking! I LOVE it!! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!! Mine was sooo yummy! Woke up early to help my momma in the kitchen, then drove home to Lafayette so I wouldn't miss Black Friday shopping...but got a call from a friend saying, "let's go shop now (10:30pm), and then we'll get up for the doorbusters"...yeah right! We ended up shopping ALL NIGHT!! Got home around 7:30am! Thankfully the girls were still at my folks, and my husband kept the boy from waking me up until about 4pm!! GAH!! Don't know if I will do THAT again!! But got some good deals! ;) xo