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Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Twenty-five years ago today, a young couple said, "I do."  


Have we changed much?  Still young and in love!

I am filled with mixed emotions.  Five years ago my mom passed away.  I was by her side and my husband and children were less than five minutes away when she passed.  They were coming to see her and me...it was our 20th anniversary.  I'd been away from home (by her side) for like 17 days because we knew her end of life was coming.  My dad died when I was 21, just before my hubby and I were engaged.  My husband did get to meet and know my dad.  My parents only made it to their 23rd wedding anniversary.  My parents were truly in love and soul mates.  I kind of wish my parents were here to help us celebrate.  Since they aren't, I'll share a story from my early courtship with my husband.
1985- There must have been some obvious chemistry between my latest boyfriend and myself.  I was home from college for the summer and he was coming up to spend the weekend at our place, once again!  My Dad and Mom seemed to really like him as did my siblings. At dinner out on one particular visit, my dad said, "You know, when I was serious about Lisa's mom her dad took me out and got me drunk to see if I was worthy of his daughter."  My dad proceeded to copy my grandfather that night!  After dinner we went home and played Euchre.  That was our family thing.  It was always my dad and myself against my brother and mom.  My future hubby had to be paired with my brother and was subjected to much verbal abuse about his 'lack' of card playing skills.  My dad was a teaser and my boyfriend knew that.  The next day was Saturday.

As a teenager, I remember my parents always having the routine of going grocery shopping on Saturday's while my brother and I cleaned the house.  When my baby sister came into the mix, she went shopping.  On this Saturday, my father announced that he was going shopping and he'd be taking my boyfriend.  I quickly said I'd go too, but my dad said no.

My dad was the kind of shopper who even if he had a list, would walk up and down every aisle at the store to really shop.  My future hubby pushed the cart.  Can you imagine being slightly hungover and made to go shop...for food!?  Apparently, on the ride home my father drove to the nicest neighborhood around...even nicer than where I grew up...and stopped the car.  He told my boyfriend to take a good look around.  He said, "Do you see the houses around here?  This is the life I expect for my daughter.  Are we clear on that?"

About a month later my father passed away.  I didn't hear the details of the shopping trip until much later.  My hubby and I were engaged that November and married the following November.
I hope my own children are as fortunate in life to find someone who they really care for and who will love them back with their whole heart.


Steph said...

Oh, Lisa - this is a beautiful story filled with love. Congratulations to you both, and I'm sending a hug, too.

Hootie said...


You kind of had me thinking about this when you offered up that Drink Tea with Someone writing prompt. I started thinking about my dad and wondered what he'd think now. I know he'd be very proud, but he'd still be drinking a cup of coffee...instant, Taster's Choice! I'm afraid he'd agree too, that I have become a coffee snob! Yuck to instant coffee!!!


The Poplar Grove Schoolhouse said...

Lisa, this story brought tears to my eyes. What wonderful timing that your dad was alive to have this significant experience with Chris. He looks SO like Steven at the wedding!

Happy Thanksgiving, and Happy 25th!


Lauranie said...

LOVE this story!!! It just convinces me more that you live a fairy-tale life...I want to be YOU!! :) You two look as beautiful now as you did then..congrats and here's to another 25 wonderful years!! xo

Hootie said...

I am blessed to have so many friends in my life! :)