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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Rut is going on?!

It only takes me a second to process what I am seeing these days in the woods...it's rut time!  When antlers are being brushed against the trees to de-velvet them, I know the bucks are on the prowl for a mate.  

A few days after I saw the tree above, a buck popped out of the woods behind our house announcing his presence to the females munching on the berries of our trees.  

The next day, Winston and I went on the hunt to find the stud.  I am not scared of deer, as some people can be, but I do have a healthy respect for hormones and understand how single minded nature can get when trying to survive.  

10 point Buck...

...one of his harem!  
Winston and I did find the buck a few wooded blocks away from our backyard.  He was hanging out with six or seven does.  We did keep a safe distance away!  You know I'll be looking for fawns next Memorial Day!  :)

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Steph said...

How awesome! At the University I went to, there was a large woods on campus with hiking trails. They had to temporarily shut it down a few years ago b/c of the mother and baby deer. The surrounding areas that used to be fields are now developments, forcing the deer into the woods - and baby deer + protective mama + people = conflict. One woman was trying to help a deer across the road and she was pawed by the mama. Not the deer's fault!