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Friday, January 20, 2012

Forgotten...update 1/20

I am sure that this emotional roller coaster I am on can and will continue for some time!  I hope any readers that I do have will be able to bear with me.

Today, I went by early to see my FIL...when my MIL wasn't around.  See, if she is there and she sees you walk in she will loudly say, "Well, look who is here, it's your (fill in connection), (fill in appropriate name)."

That is fine, but my FIL has still stared at us after she's said that with a look that says I should know you, but I don't.  

So I dropped by early today.  Dad seemed more alert.  I have checked his medications and they should not be causing him to have cognitive problems.  I asked if he remembered my name and he told me he'd tell me later.  His speech was pretty slow and labored...like he was really thinking about what he wanted to say.  Later on the speech therapist came to work with him.  He looked at me but spoke to her and he asked if she knew who I was.  She said yes and then was going to make the connection for him but I stopped her.  I asked him if he was ready to tell her who I was.  He not only got my name, but he knew I was his DIL and who I was married to.  He also identified my daughter, who had texted me...yes, she is at high school, when I said I had just heard from her.  He even knew how old she was!!!

A good morning.  :)

It's a really nice feeling when you can see hints of who a person is still inside of them.  Aging pretty much sucks though.  Especially watching it happen so up close and personally.  Thanks friends for being on this ride with me.  Special hugs to Lauranie and Leslie.  xoxoxo

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