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Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Groundhog Day???

Being curious about nature, I can't help but wonder...where, when, how and why did Groundhog Day begin?  

Of course I turned to Google to help answer this riddle:  ????

And because my past week has been a little crazy, I had to look up the declaration of Phil this year.  Did you hear?  I guess I was snug in bed, or else getting ready for my day when he made his prediction:  Phil's prediction for 2012.  


I started to think of the few animals I have seen near my house over the past month and wondered what their takes on an early spring would be...if they were the official spokes-animal for February 2nd.  

***The Coyote***
Maybe he'd be sly like a fox and tell me to bring him two dead chickens and then he'd give me an answer.

***The Buck***
What?  Are you talking to me???
You wanna piece of me?  Rut time is it?  
I'll tell you rut time, you touch my does and I'll kill you.  
You come near my does, and I'll kill you. 
You even look at my does...and I'll kill you.  

***The Eagle***
Dear Human, come any closer to me and I will snap that little doggie of yours in two and then give chase to you and your camera.  Who cares if spring will be early or not.  Now go, before I get angry. I'm watching you.  Remember, I can see you from two miles away.  Go.

When I commented to my 19 year old son that I wondered if Phil would see his shadow or not, he just looked at me and shook his head.  "That is the most ridiculous holiday of all" he told me.  It's not a holiday, I responded.  

It's just a celebration, and a reminder.  

A reminder that my birthday will be here in about six more weeks!  :)  Which means that the wildflowers will be here soon too!  Yeah!  

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