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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

In Honor of National Poetry Month...

Words to a Freshman 

Youth, Oh, Youth
How infallible you are 

Wings spread, you soared from your nest
Landing in a community which understands your needs

Needs to be free
Needs to be heard
Needs to be powerful
Needs to be stupid

This pseudo-home has its Crows
Poised and ready to eat miss placed youth

As you step off the curb 
in that non-cross walk area
sure of your ability to stop traffic

Be wise to that driver 
behind the mini-van wheel
heading in your direction

If her eyes are glazed, hair frazzled
and she wears a smile of gritted teeth

If smoke appears to be billowing 
out of her ears 
and the engine of her vehicle 
accelerates ever so slightly

She might be on the hunt 
Not one of your peer group 
oblivious drivers
chatting on a cell phone

One tired of teenage mouths in her own home
Glad they are at class so she can cool down

Youth, Oh, Youth


Steph said...

Very nice! Is this yours?

Hootie said...

Yes, it is. And I really did want to hit that college boy! :) I'm sure he NEVER talked back to his mom!

My gritted-teeth smile turned to a smirk as I passed him closer than his arrogance liked.

He remained untouched and I was able to cool down.

sweetcakes said...

I'll have to save this one and revisit it in a couple of years. :)