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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

The Unattended...

Dear Governor:

My question concerns visiting the State House and its security...today in particular. While entering today with a group of high school visitors, and going through security my small Victorinox pocket knife was not allowed. Why? And I ask because just two weeks ago while going on spring break and flying from Indy to Florida I went through security and they allow small pocket knives. So Why? And, as I left I asked for it back and was told no..."they are disposed of." So my next question is Where are they disposed to? I am curious, are there no scissors longer than my tiny little 1 inch blade of my pocket knife in the desks I saw secretaries sitting behind? Truly I did forget about my pocket knife being in my purse. My over site. Had I not traveled by air recently I might have been a bit more diligent in removing it from my purse. I happen to be an old girl scout leader and do believe in being prepared. I think I am mostly bummed because, although not a rare or too expensive item, my pocket knife had been a gift from my nephew...who just happens to be a boy scout. I think having my pocket knife confiscated made me think twice about security in our State House. As I looked around while I was waiting to go into both the House and Senate Chambers with the 12 Bloomington North Science Olympiad State Champions and teacher I was accompanying, I did notice (and took pictures) of several briefcase bags that were left unattended. It seems to me as a law abiding taxpayer, I definitely was treated a bit like a criminal today. At least when I went to the airport there are warnings about leaving bags unattended and security who appeared to be monitoring bigger threats and not mom's just being chaperon's on a trip to honor scholars. Hopefully I have learned my lesson. Hopefully there will be much better ways for my tax dollars to be used.
E-mailed tonight.  Do you think I will get a response?  

Let's just say I am NOT holding my breath.  

1 comment:

Esmerelda said...

I hope you do. Probably a form letter, but I think you will get something. Even the airport allows you to self address and envelope and mail it back to yourself.

xo Esme