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Sunday, August 02, 2009

A Perfect Summer Day

I am one to brag now and then. 

Today has been a perfect summer day.  

My day started with coffee sipping and newspaper reading out back as I listened to the birds, cicadas and squirrels.  After lunch my daughter suggested we go canoeing.  We do live walking distance to a small lake where our local Parks & Rec. has a "nature center" and rents canoes.  It's a great deal, $6.00 per hour.  That includes paddles and personal floatation devices.  One should remember to take their drivers license or id though as you'd need to leave it while you head out on the water.  

As I mentioned, we do live close enough to walk to the lake.  From our place to the "nature center" it's probably close to a mile through the woods.  This is looking onto the lake where a group of boy scouts are practicing their kayak skills.  This week the National Order of the Arrow Conference is here and we have 7000 boy scouts on IU's campus.  Just two weeks ago my nephew was selected to join his local Order of the Arrow group.  I am bummed because IF he was all ready in this group he could have come this week for the conference.  Order of the Arrow is an Honor Society for Boy Scouts.  My nephew will have to go on an over night alone into the woods without supplies.  He will not be allowed to talk for 24 hours.  It sounds very much like a walk-a-bout to me.  We didn't see as many boy scouts on the lake as I thought we would.  
Here's the "nature center" from the water.  It's really just a resource place.  They have lots of guides one could use as references.  Still, now and then they do have snake skins, turtle shells and other animal skulls and bones around.  
The water was very clear - a sign that we haven't had much rain lately to stir things up.  
As we came around a cove we saw a Heron (above) who flew to another bank and caught a fish (below).  

At the dam my daughter saw a "Buckeye" seed which her dad fished off the embankment for her.  There were flowers too.  These reminded me of Hibiscus, but I haven't researched them yet.  
Here's the spill-over.  It's very relaxing to hear the water cascading over the wall.  Of course I wasn't paddling so the whole time in the canoe was relaxing for me!  
I had a pretty view of my baby sitting in front of me.  
I wasn't the only one enjoying the views!  

Our son had stayed home today.  He said his trip to Montana was enough canoeing for the summer for him.  Thank goodness my husband was up for the paddling!  :)


parTea lady said...

How lovely that you live that close to the lake - it looks like a beautiful area. I enjoyed seeing all your pictures. Makes me homesick for all my old summer haunts in Northern Ontario.

Steph said...

That does sound perfect! And I'm glad to know why we've been invaded by the scouts!

Stephanie said...

I really want to go kayaking. I've never done it before. Sounds like so much fun!

Lauranie said...

I may have had the beach this past weekend, but you look like you had a more relaxing time! I am more of a woods, mountains, nature type of person! :) And about the bloomers...she could wear a pair as pj bottoms!! xo, L

sweetcakes said...

Keith and Ethan are headed to Griffy today, for some canoeing and fishing.