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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Poor Army Men! and Bracelets...

On Sunday, my DH and I went to a picnic pool party at a friend's house. Our kids were invited, but being 18 and almost 16 (the other kids at the party being ages 5-12), and parents who are...well, parents...our teens opted to stay at home.
When we arrived home later that evening, I found a teenage friend's car in our drive way and this "stuff" on the kitchen counter. It appears that flaming army men were targets for my son's BB gun that afternoon.

Poor Toy Army Men!


Several weeks ago I found out I am a Muggle! A couple of Bushwhackers, that I rescued, told me so. They also gave me a treasure! One of their geo-caching treasures...a hematite stone macrame bracelet. :)

Winston and I had been out on a walk when we came across a pair of lost Geo-Caching hunters. They were looking for a drop spot near our house, but they probably walked about three miles from their car and weren't quite sure how to get back. Winston and I walked them to our house, I put them in my car, gave them water and took them back to where they started.

Are you familiar with Geo-Caching? I know Lisa from A Cuppa Tea With Me is! Check out the link for geo-caching above if you'd like more details. Anyone can do it! I choose not to because I just don't have time for one more thing on my calendar...but it does look and sound like fun! Maybe I should hire myself out as a guide for this area? Besides the folks that I rescued we have had two parties of people lost in the nearby woods in the past week. Winston, my DH and I DO know these woods like the backs of our hands!

Inspired by the present I received and a little shopping at a craft store, my girl child and I bought some glass beads yesterday and decided to macrame our own bracelets. Here's my creation...with the little owl of course!

My hematite geo-caching treasure
my Owl bracelet
My daughter is such a crafting soul that she barely asks how to do something, but she did ask me to teach her to macrame! While working last night on our bracelets she asked how I learned. Oh the 70's and my mom! Anyone else recall rolling/making beads out of magazine pages? I recall my mom making the decoupage glue from flour and water. Talk about a crafting soul! My daughter certainly takes after my mom. :)


Lauranie said...

Boys and their FIRE!! Good thing all was well when you got home! :D
LOVE the bracelets...how fun! I remember my mom having a couple of macrame hangings on the walls in the kitchen and one was an OWL!! Also a couple of the hanging plant holders with big wooden beads..not sure if she did any of them..maybe one and then her friend did the others. Wow, got my memory working overtime!! HA!! Glad to see you are having a nice summer. Our Floyd likes to "crash the gate" every now and then and before I've realized he is out and about around the neighborhood, he is back panting really hard and wanting a drink!! Thank goodness no harm has come to him...and I still haven't found all of his escape routes yet!!! xo

Kimara@weefolkart said...

Memories flowing like a river right now. Funny, Michelle and I were just talking about macraming plant holders. Remember that... and spider plants? Anyway, we are just getting into geocaching. We have a lovely state park just a couple of miles from the house that participates. Looking forward to my schedule easing up a bit and dreaming of some fall colors in the woods! BTW... with 3 brothers and 2 sons I know all too well about flaming soldiers!