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Sunday, May 22, 2011

I Spy...

 Last evening, before the sun completely set, Winston and I went out to check on the Eagle's nest.  I was hoping to see if the parents were on it or if there is evidence of a young eaglet.  I feel 99% sure that nest belongs to the Eagles.  I'd just like some confirmation.  I came at the nest from the other direction and I hate to admit it, but I couldn't find the nest.  The colors of the green leaves and dark branches were blending together too much for my eyes to distinguish one from the other in the fading daylight.  I was very frustrated.

Winston was excited because there were toads everywhere on the woods floor.  He LOVES frogs, but he doesn't really like toads.  I don't know if they taste bad or pee in his mouth, but they DO hop and that's fun when you are a hunter.  (Side note: Frogs are fun to hunt because they can be squished and yet still play!  It's harder to hurt a frog than say a chipmunk.)

Well, frustration was getting the best of me and I was tired of W pulling me every which way to get the toads.  I decided we should just go home and try again another time.  I was guiding Winston up the hillside when a small bird flew up from the ground near us, perched in the branches overhead and looked down.

An Eastern Screech Owl!  
It looked curious about us at first...

...and then it looked kind of annoyed!  

I was about 10 feet directly under it at one point too.
What a cutie!  :)  
It totally made my night!  

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