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Friday, May 20, 2011

A virtual hike with me...

Daily I am blessed with being able to get out, several times each day, 
into the wild outdoors.  
Since my companion is just Winston, I thought maybe my cyber-friends might like to go for a walk too.  

As we head out my backyard, through the woods...there are always deer nearby.  Did you know the buck will grow new antlers each year?  

Today's hike is towards the lake.
The Blue Heron is perched in the middle of his hunting grounds!  

Yesterday I saw these swallow's flitting about.  I didn't have my camera with me then, but I do now.  It is very hard to capture a moving target on film.  And even harder still to make sure they are framed in the shot so you can identify them later on!

These are Rough Winged Swallow's.

After 10 minutes of trying again and again to get a "good" photo, I noticed some of the birds resting on a tree branch in the water!
Drinking on the fly!  

Can you see all three Rough Winged Swallow's sitting in this tree?  
Eagle #1 spotted on 5/19/11 over Griffy Lake
 Before going into another set of woods, I spotted not one, but TWO Bald Eagles!!!
Tomorrow's mission...find their nest!  I read that the female is slightly larger and that Bald Eagle's mate for life.  These really are pictures of two different birds!
Eagle #2 spotted on 5/19/11 over Griffy Lake

At this point on our hike we must become researchers.
This rare flower is called Fire Pink.  It grows in very specific soil types and is pollinated only by hummingbirds.
How cool is that!
Last year I only found 2 of these plants and this year my count is up to 10!    
 Getting back close to home on this hike...but I hear a baby bird squawking in it's nest.
If you click on the picture and it enlarges, you might be able to make out a little fluffy head on the right top of the nest!

Papa Cardinal was very close to his baby and didn't like my intruding.  Mama was nearby too, but she was letting Papa be the bully.

 On a hike the next day...the Eagle's nest!  It's exactly where I suspected it would be!  I took a picture of an eagle last fall very near this same spot.  It's hard to really see the size of this nest.  My guess is it's 6-8 feet across.  I cannot see in the nest, nor do I see the parents nearby.  I promise, I'll be heading back here!
Eagle's Nest spotted 5/20/11
 I read that the Bald Eagle has a wing span or 72-90 inches...6 to 7 1/2 feet!  They can stand 35-37 inches high but only weigh about 14 pounds because their bones are hollow.
In contrast, here's a picture of the baby Black-Capped Chickadees that just hatched in the nesting box in my front yard.  I don't think they are bigger than two joints of my little finger!
Newly hatched Black-Capped Chickadee babies 5/20/11

What amazes me most about my hikes is the fact that I really like walking alone.  I am free to listen and observe all that is around me.  

Hope you enjoyed your virtual hike today!  :)

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Lauranie said...

Nicholas really enjoyed the hike!! :) When he wasn't pointing and naming what you saw on your hike, he was asking, "what that?" Thanks for entertaining him!! xo