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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Crafting Girls...

My daughter and I love creating!  
I think we inherited our crafting gene from my mom. 

Something Old,
Something New, 
Something Borrowed and 
Something Blue.

I recently made this handkerchief for my niece who is getting married.  The handkerchief originally belonged to my father-in-law, her grandfather, who passed away in late April.  I asked my MIL if I could have all his old handkerchiefs and was rewarded with a pile!  

After embroidering the handkerchief using waste canvas, I dressed up the edges with a bit of lace.
You should be able to click on it to enlarge it and see the detail.

My niece can use this as her something old, something new or something blue if she wants next week. 

My very talented daughter has been taking Bead Work and Jewelry classes in high school for the past four years.  I love that there are art classes now-a-days that allow smart children the opportunity to be well rounded too.  When I was in high school, the options we had were Band, Track/Basketball, Shop or Home Ec. I did go to a very small school.  I was happy as a Band Nerd, but I wasn't as talented at playing my musical instrument as some of my classmates.  Fun? Yes.  Creative? Not really.  The art classes my daughter takes are wonderful!  She has learned so many techniques and has so many more tools available to her.  Her creative juices have been allowed to flow.  

The above bugs are made from copper with enamel heated on to them in a kiln.  The leaves are from flooring or counter top samples. She is making them as pendants for her class this semester, but I would love to see them placed on a 3D iron vine!  

I know just the spot for them to live!  :)

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Very cool!