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Saturday, October 06, 2012

When the dam breaks....

For the past two summers, Bloomington, Indiana has been experiencing a severe draught.  We seem to just break even with rainfall come late autumn.  The dam at the nearby lake has had damaged sluice gates which need fixing. Both the DNR and our local government have been working hand-in-hand to address not only the sluice gates being fixed, but other maintenance around the lake.  

The sluice gates were officially opened to drain the lake by mid-August.  

All the photos below capture a very dry lake bed.

Standing on the North bank...looking East.
Causeway bridge and boat house side.
Standing on the North bank...looking West. 
View of the remaining water and dam.

The ground has really dried out.  Even when it rains, one can now still go and walk on the old lake bottom.  Winston and I head down there most days.  Even though it is pretty dry, it is still slippery!  Rocks covered in the dried mud are deceiving to walk on.  
Winston walking on the dessert looking lake bed.
Some of the cracks look like they go down 10 inches.
This is what is left of Griffy Stream. 
It ran through here before the dam was built in 1924.
When the lake is full, it is a popular place for fishermen.  

I wonder what is the story of this lost pole?  
A "big one" that got away? or just butter fingers?

For a while, the Great Blur Herons enjoyed easy pickings 
of the remaining fish.  
The Herons pictured here are in their "white" stage. 
I don't think these are the same species as the Florida, Great White Herons.  
I think they are just juveniles of the Great Blue Herons.
Although, Indiana did feel like Florida this past summer!

Several views of the dam and spillway

As the waters have continued to recede,
I have noticed more of these cement posts peeking out across the water. 
It makes me think originally this far end was restricted; 
Griffy Lake was the principle water source for 
Bloomington up until 1953
I believe this structure is leftover from when 
the water in the lake was processed 
for Bloomingtonians to drink. 
The real danger right now...getting muddy.  I look forward to the lake returning when the repairs are made, maybe by next fall.  But until then, I LOVE walking on "water"!  It only takes about two-and-a-half hours to traverse around this end from my house and back.

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Comfrey Cottages said...

Wow, super cool photos, Lisa! What an experience to walk a lake bed:) Really interesting. Thanks for sharing honey. xxx