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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Life in the "Shuffle Mode"

It has recently come to my attention that I might have a problem with being flexible in life.  Interesting thought.  I believe I've been doing a pretty good job of dealing with what comes my way.  Certainly the past few years have NOT played out as I thought they would.  

While sharing some of my music with a friend, I was talking about the songs and what was coming up next. "Don't you ever just listen to your music in Shuffle?" I was asked.  

No.  No, I don't.  Why?  

"It is just sort of nice to see what randomly plays next."  

Well, that might be true.  I don't do shuffle mode.  


This conversation stuck with me.  
Is there something wrong with not doing the shuffle mode?  And why do I avoid it?  

I think I know why.  I have lived needing to be able to head off potential problems.  If I know what is next on my playlist, I can mentally prepare or avoid problems.  I can avoid hearing others complain about my music... about my song choices.  Believe it or not, that has been an issue I have had to deal with.  

No more.  I have added a Post-it to my vision board.  It says, "Learn to live life in the shuffle mode."  

I am trying to actually not plan what I need to do on certain days.  On Friday night, if you ask me what I am doing on Saturday, I might tell you...I'll decide that on Saturday!  Although, I have started to really enjoy my blogging night!  But, this brings up another topic.  Dating.  

Pretty sure that topic needs it's own posting.  

I must add, I do feel that when an artist puts together a CD, they plan out how they want a listener to hear their music.  Some CD's actually tell a story.  My girls, Katy (Prism) and Taylor (1989), both tell stories on their latest CD's.  Other artists may control your listening mood...thinking of my Joshua Bell CD, At Home with Friends.  

Tonight, I am listening to a new CD, Let The Road, by the group Rixton.  So far, I am impressed.  I like.  For the record, I am listening to in straight through, no shuffle mode.  


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