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Friday, July 10, 2015

No OLD Music Allowed...My Evening with Ed

     It wasn't long ago that I discovered the music of Ed Sheeran.  To my sister's credit, she did tell me about him maybe a year ago.  More recently Ed was suggested several times by another music loving friend.  So, I listened.  I fell in love.  Not with the young man that is Ed Sheeran.  I fell in love with his talent.  His lyrics talk to my soul.  He is a fellow storyteller.  I enjoy the words he strings together, the sound of his words as they flow with, and through the music.  Melodic.  Meaningful.  Eloquent.  Quick-witted.  Entertaining.  Heavyhearted.  Romantic.  

     As always, I think.  

     Lately that has been about why I don't listen to "old" pop music... 
music from my youth, young adult days, or even from just five years ago.

     Am I trying to stay young?  Am I trying to avoid memories of my past?  
Maybe it's a little bit of both.  Maybe it's just an oxymoron to listen to old pop music.  Isn't the definition of pop...music, culture...that of something current, something trendy, something trending?  Contemporary lifestyle and items that are well known and generally accepted, cultural patterns that are widespread within a population (from Dictionary.com).

     On June 25, I discovered that Ed was performing on July 2 at a venue very close to my house.  I felt a strong desire to be at that concert.  As the concert was just a week away, I figured all the best seats would be taken.  Regardless, I checked out the venue's website.  Lawn seats were still available.  No thanks.  I could sit on my own lawn and turn my stereo up to get the same effect.  If I was going to see Ed, I was going to really experience Ed.  Enter the secondary market ticket sales.  A quick search, and I had my ticket!  

July 2.  Ready for my solo concert experience.

 Pretty boys...Rixton, opened for Ed.  They were showmen, not talented artists.  I'm not saying they can't sing, play their music or even write...they just don't appear to have the same natural, unique talent, of the performer I was there to see, IMHO.  

Selfie with Ed
 This is what center stage, row 10 looks like!  

I'm a Mess

Lego House


Take it Back/Superstition/Ain's No Sunshine


Tenerife Sea

Don't/ Loyal/ No Diggity/ Nina

Feeling Good/ I See Fire

I See Fire

Kiss Me

 The second he started this song...the entire house erupted!  Thinking Out Loud
Thinking Out Loud

The A Team

You Need Me, I Don't Need You....

In Da Club/ Know Yourself


 This guy was one of the few people I noticed who actually used the seat for which he paid.
Ed really did take this picture.  
That really is me....just to the left of center in the circle.  

Best part of the night:  The entire experience!  
I had paid for a great seat which came with VIP benefits.  That just meant parking and a special entrance with a private bar.  Easy in and easy out.  

I loved being so close to Ed.  I wanted to really see how he works, and I was able to do that.  I hadn't realized what he really did with a loop pedal.  It was amazing!  I felt the music wasn't loud enough.  I wanted it to sink it's way into my very fibers.  I felt louder might have done that for me.  I couldn't get enough.  I can't explain it, but there is something about Ed Sheeran.  Do I believe in past lives?  I have this feeling that our paths have crossed before.  Not in this life though. Maybe it's just that music connecting to my soul thing happening once again.  I wonder who will be my next musical obsession?   

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