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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Just a spectator... Mudathlon Valparaiso 2015

What to do when your sister can't meet you as soon as you thought?  
(Confession: I forgot about that time difference thing in Indiana.) 

I went and "crashed" a Mudathlon. It was a first for me.

What is a Mudathlon?  Basically, it's a race in the mud with obstacles.  Participants have a microchip they wear on their shoes which, if not lost, track their time on the course.  But a Mudathlon is also something most do just for the experience, for fun even.  A portion of the registration fees go to support a local charity.  If you want more info on the event I attended check out this link:  Mudathlon Valparaiso 2015 (it's the FAQ's page) 

A friend I grew up with has hosted this event on his farm for the past several years.  

True fact:  Georgie Molchan, aka Little Oscar, was my relative.
You know it's going to be a fun day, when the Wiener Mobile is around!  
There has been so much rain in Indiana this summer, that I'm pretty sure most of the pools of mud were natural...or didn't take much extra help.  

The starting pen
Every fifteen minutes, groups of between 100-150 participants go through the pen and start their race.  

Billy the kid officially started each heat.  

You can see one of the obstacles in the background.  

If you build it, they will come, and climb over it.
Field of Obstacles!  

Pretty sure this was a mute point.  

I was lucky enough to witness my longtime friend's children completing this race.
The three in pink, Jared, Elizabeth and Caleigh, standing at the top of the slide were my connection...    
...and so were these two!
Christian and Chad started with the others, but ran the course a tad faster.
They came back to cheer on their sibs/in-laws.  

 Did I mention this was held at a farm?  
The mud did have a wonderful, ripe, farm smell to it.  
Growing up in the area, I definitely knew I was home!  

Participants certainly needed to keep their mouths shut when entering the muddy waters.
Additional obstacles were just walking from one area to the next!  

Almost finished! Next stop...the finish line.  

My friend, and farm owner, Dale let me know he was 'kind of a big deal around here'.  

Dale pulled the water trucks through the muck so they could deposit more clean water for the make-shift showers.  

No caption really needed...
...but showers.

As a spectator, I was not immune from the mud this year.  I was told that in years past, spectators actually stayed clean.
I noted that people pay good money to get a mud wrap at the spa.
It was just mud...it did wash off 

For the most part, I did stay clean.  I also found my girl friend!  Clearly she is a farm girl, and knew to wear her boots.
My river sandals held up fine, but wow had I realized I'd be this muddy, I would have waited
 a day on that pedicure!  

Mr. Kind-of-a-Big-Deal, Dale.
He let me check out his radio!  :) 

It was so fun to see my old friend Dale.  He was a wonderful host, was on the go constantly, and was still smiling long after the event ended.  I was told the numbers for this year's event topped 2,000 participants.  Not bad!  That meant $10,000 was raised for local charity: Girls on the Run
Kudos to all the participants.  

I walked away from the event thinking...could I do this next year?  
Yep.  But I'd have to be on a team, and I'd do it just for fun.  I'm not about breaking any times... 

Jared sporting Angel Wings! 

...and I'd definitely need Angel Wings!  


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