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Friday, July 24, 2015

Fresh Start......Home Is Where the Heart Is

Last weekend, I returned to my roots.  
My soul needed a little kick start.  

I went to see my parents.  

I feel a certain weight on my shoulders as the oldest of my siblings.  

Neither my brother nor my sister make me feel any extra responsibilities, but as a child growing up, I knew it was my place to be there for my siblings.  I felt it was expected of me to be the strength, the leader, the one who could get done what needed to get done.  I was to be the second-in-command should anything happen to our parents.  By default in 2006, I became commander-in-chief.  Up until around January of 2013, I felt I was doing a pretty good job of being the fearless leader.  Looking back now, I WAS doing a great job...THAT was the problem.  

The journey I am currently on is one many take.  It's called Life.  

My ring was my mom's.  The center diamond was her engagement ring from dad.
I wear it daily on my right hand to remind me of my parents strong bond and love.
 Sometimes leaders need to know when they should ask for help.  They need to know when to lean on others, and whom they can turn to for support.  My family...and I do mean my siblings, have been the souls whom I know I could count on. (I have several friends as well, but tonight...) Family is an important part of Life.  Life may be filled with challenges.  Challenges make us strong.  They draw out in us who we really are deep down inside.  Challenges show our character.  I believe by example, my parents showed me how to be the strong woman that I am today.  We learn from family.  Family allows us a safe place to grow.

 There are statues at the
cemetery close to my
parents graves.  I do
not visit where I grew
up often.  When I do,
I wonder who carved
these statues?  What
i this one supposed
to be thinking about?

I liked how the light played on the feather pen of the statue below.  If you are one who believes in ghosts...what do you see?  What do you think the meaning of this picture might be?

My parents have a beautiful view of Valparaiso University.  I find this interesting since neither went to college.  
 I was the first of my family to go to and finish college.  This weekend I thanked my parents for my degrees.  It was truly because of my mom that I was able to go back to school and get my Masters.

I confessed to my parents that my life wasn't going as I had expected.  I might have even shed a tear or two.  I didn't think I would be single at the age of 51.  I am perceptive enough to know, that my parents did raise a very smart, independent girl who is going to be just fine.  I'm still on my Life Journey.  I'm still growing and morphing into who I need to be.  I'm loving life once again and I am happy.  Have you seen the movie Inside Out?  Sadness adds to Joy.  My sadness has made me a richer person.  My soul has been moved, and truly knows how to live with Joy.  I start each day thinking about what I am grateful for in life.  I end each day thanking God for all my blessings.

On Saturday, my "baby" sister and I took flowers to the graves of several of our family members.  
I think Cemetery Selfies could be a new thing.  
Wish our brother could have been with us.  

Best Parents.  Ever.
They taught me how to be the best parent I could be to my own two blessings.

Tonight's music:  Joshua Bell's, At Home With Friends

Love one another. Be kind in Life. Know that sadness will happen, but joy will always follow.  

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