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Sunday, August 30, 2015

People Watching....

Ever find yourself with time to fill when you are out in public?  I don't travel often enough that I have free time to spare while in an airport, but what a great place to watch people.   Tonight I am at my blogging spot and I'm trying to decided what I'd like to write about.  Hmm...look at me...I'm looking at others.  I wonder what others think when they look at me.  

Here's a snippet of what I think might go on in their brains...
Look at that hair...OMG, does she ever comb it?  What a curly mess.  

Those glasses...wow...not a good look, she should try contacts.  

Who does her make up? or She needs make-up.   
That lipstick....not.  her.  color.  

Good Heavens...Are those real?  She should cover them up!

Where does she shop?  
How old does she think she is?  
That style...  

I think, as human beings, we scrutinize others to make ourselves feel better about ourselves.  I wish we wouldn't do that.  I know not everyone does. But look at all the reality shows that are on television these days.  We judge.  We feel our opinions of others matter, when really, they don't, and shouldn't.  

If something makes us feel good about ourselves, then we need to embrace that.  In that same line of thinking, I also believe we do things to ourselves because we think it will make others like us better.  We live in a society where we place too much emphasis and worry on what others might think.  

My hair...its naturally curly.  I love that is has a mind of it's own.  It took me a LONG time to come to terms with that.  I tried with all my might to straighten it when I was a teen. I spent too many years trying to tame the beast that is my hair.  Now, I love my crazy mess.  Do I comb it?  Upon occasion.  

My glasses...I used to wear contacts, but I can't any more.  At least I cannot for any length of time, and if I do, then I can't read.  I LOVE reading.  Giving up my contacts made my eyes healthier.  Fingerprints on glasses are annoying, but glasses are cool!  

My make-up...I love being mostly natural.  I like mascara and a little blush, and really, I love seeing myself in the mirror looking natural.  I want to be able to get caught in a rain storm and not feel the need to hide because my make-up (or my hair) has been compromised.  

Italian genes.  Yes, they are real.  I recall watching The Producers...I enjoyed Uma Thurman here: "When You've Got it, Flaunt It....enough said.  

In the past year, I have fallen in love with wearing dresses.  I shop wherever, and whenever I can.  I love Mulberry Cottage in Nashville, IN and Zulily online. 
Age is just a number, but I think I am the perfect age for me.  
I will wear what ever style makes me happy.  I LOVE flowers and patterns.  

I was born in the era of flower children.  I really would wear flowers in my hair every day if I could. Lace, flowers, bell style sleeves, etc. I feel less constrained these days.  I'm sure it has everything to do with gaining my independence.    

I try not to judge.  I wish more could live that way as well.  

~Lisa Kroll
Author's after note:  When out shopping today, I did see a very, purple Mohawk.  I'll admit my first thought was  - WOW, now THAT'S purple!  


phil said...

Good comments, but. .. "there is no try, just do! "

CynicFan said...

Have you ever tried profession matching? Sit in the mall and watch people-try-sometimes with a friend-to create appropriate professions for the people passing. Artists, spies, banker or baker all walking by. Makes the whole judgment thing a whole lot less bothersome