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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Still waiting...

Mom had her MRI on Tuesday as planned. This is what I hate about being three hours away...she won't find out the results until next week - Tuesday I believe. How can they let her walk away from there and NOT tell her the results? Since she's had breast cancer, when she has a mammogram she can't leave there without knowing the results. Shouldn't this be the same thing? A tumor was growing in her head, she's had surgery, radiation and chemo to eliminate it, had an MRI, results should be available immediately. I don't get it! But, I do realize that my mom is of that generation who will do what the doctor says and not question it.

Or maybe not knowing is what my mom wants.

Mom was told: MRI on this date, meet with the doctor on this date. She didn't ask about finding out the results any sooner.

I really am trying to practice patience.

Different people respond differently!

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