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Sunday, March 25, 2007

It's always warm by my birthday...

My birthday just happened on March 23rd. I like to start saying "It's always warm by my birthday" to my husband in late January. Every year he gets to tell me that I am crazy and it will not be warm. I persist and say, it will be and I can and will be wearing shorts.

When we were first married I was usually right. Of course I was warmer blooded then and would wear long pants only from Thanksgiving until March 1st.

Living in Southern Indiana doesn't assure one of warm temperatures in late March.

This year the weather is cooperating with me though. I am wearing my shorts. The grass is green and the daffodils, hyacinths and crocus are blooming. The Bradford pear trees have busted out of their protective flower buds and are turning white and showy. My house windows are open, the heat has been off for a week and we even have slept with the windows opened at night. It's currently 81 wonderful degrees.

I am realistic and know it is still early spring. Cooler weather will be back. I doubt it will snow any more, but I am still in Indiana. Anything is possible.

What great birthday weekend weather. Thank you angels above for smiling down on me with the warmth and sun. :)

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