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Monday, May 05, 2008

Challenges..."Don't Quit!" Attitudes

My gym shoes have a new look!

My red laces show my tie to cancer. This weekend, on Saturday, I will run/walk a 5K with my daughter. It is the first Coach Hep Indiana Cancer Challenge here in Bloomington. Here's the link: http://www.coachhepcancerchallenge.org/index.html

from the website: "IU Football Coach Terry Hoeppner faced every obstacle, even brain cancer, with a positive, "Don't Quit" attitude.

Help us as we apply Coach Hep's determined optimism to funding cancer research and treatment right here in Indiana. Sign up now for the first annual Coach Hep Indiana Cancer Challenge on Saturday, May 10 in Bloomington, Indiana.

You can run, walk or ride a bike. And when you register, you'll be helping to support the IU Simon Cancer Center and Olcott Center for Cancer Education.

If you can’t participate in a Challenge event, help out in another way. Donate online, volunteer or become a sponsor."

Having personal experience with a loss due to brain cancer, I know how much - or really, how little - is known in this field. Helping fund cancer research is a small thing I can do to help make a difference.

I'll run/walk because my mom can't. Maybe my few dollars donated to research can find ways to help others beat GBM.



Stella said...

You and your sister just can't get enough of your feet, can you? ;)



lisa said...

They are cute, even covered and in red. Just call me Claudia! :)

lisa said...
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