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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Imelda Marcos, Erma Bombeck and Martha Stewart...who is your twin?

I have heard that each of us has a twin somewhere in the world. What do these three names have in common? For one thing they are all interesting ladies. For another thing, they remind me of ladies I know...

Imelda was born into a family with humble beginnings. She became a beauty queen and an educated lady then, later the first woman of her country. But what do we recall when we hear her name? Shoes. What a collection she had! She did her part to help out the economy.

Erma was a humorist and great writer. I remember my parents introducing me to her writings...probably in Reader's Digests or other periodicals. I don't remember for whom Erma wrote. I do recall owning some of her books though and watching a sitcom titled after one of them, The Grass is Always Greener, and a movie after another, Please Don't Eat the Daisies. I enjoyed her work because I felt it was insightful and made me feel more adult-like. Such wisdom, I agreed with it and understood it! She made me happy when I read what she wrote.

Martha, minus the jailbird stuff, is able to take common things and transform them into beauty. She is crafty, confident, a sweet knowledgeable how-to-do-something resource, incredible cook and someone who rarely sleeps.

Do you know who you remind someone of? I wonder what my unrelated twin is like.

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