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Monday, May 26, 2008

A Good Nap...in my napping place...

Power napping is a great pick-me-up for most mom's. It seems like our days are never ending. We work 24/7, regardless of what we do or how old our children get. When you become a mom there is an unwritten requirement that says you must now be available to all every second of your life. Thanks to technology, we are too! Just yesterday I received a phone call from my youngest telling me she was walking home from her friend's house. Good information to know, but...the friend lives about 15 houses away, in our neighborhood, and my kid was gone a whole total of maybe 10 minutes.

My goal in life is not to be a "helicopter" parent. I do love my kids and I enjoy doing things for them and with them, but I DO NOT want to be tied to them forever at the hip! I enjoy a little time to myself now and then. I want them to grow, flourish and be secure, independent souls. They have my permission. I still long for those days my husband and I had when we were first married: picnics, movies, adventures with just him and me...and the S** word too. Uninterrupted S** word time.  

But, for now I am still very much "on call".  So, I power nap when I need it.  Unlike my cat, I cannot sleep just anywhere.  I need to climb onto the couch and shut my eyes for my nap.  I listen to classical music and drift off.   

A solid 15 minutes on a nice comfortable spot can make a world of difference for everyone.  I bet if you tried it for a week you'd be hooked and agree too.  

Jack's napping place.  I think he's dreaming of catnip, watching the birds and food.  

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Stella said...

I think he's dreaming of getting a tummy wub!!