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Monday, November 16, 2009

Hello Monday...

I'm just feeling like it's one of THOSE days. 

Cold(er than it has been).  

I'm having trouble wanting to get into the swing of the week.  

Therefore, I am taking time to have a cup of tea and ponder.  My thoughts have me thinking Christmas shopping.  It's not working for me though.  I have two sisters-in-law, one on each side, that get their shopping done so fast.  I really, really enjoy the crowds and spirit of the Christmas season.  Plus, about now I'm thinking 'why didn't I start planning sooner, I could MAKE all my Christmas gifts!'  That really is a goal I have.  I do enjoy homemade things and would truly like to start doing more of that for my gift giving.  Maybe if I can finish my sweater I'm crocheting I can make one or two gifties.  

Oh well, time for another sip of tea and then some sweater crocheting.  Happy Monday!  And Leslie, don't be fooled by how much honey is in this little bear in the picture.  It's an old picture from two months ago.  :)  My little bears tummy is pretty empty!  


comfrey cottages said...

lol lisa:) maybe santa should send you some more:) oh i am trying to get ready for christmas. making photo albums of all the stuff i did with the grands this year (plus all the other family event stuff) and i still have over $100 worth of pictures sitting in my snapfish shopping cart! i am never completely ready for christmas, it just happens whether i am or not!lol been rainy and cold here and i kind of feel cheated out of my quota of rain this summer, due to sooooo many cloudy rainy days. sending you big sunshiney hugs though:) xoxoxox

sweetcakes said...

I try to make most of my Christmas gifts but each year it gets harder and harder to think of new ideas to craft. I have only thought of a few for this year. And I'm still working on my ideas for the family Christmas card. There just isn't enough time!

Thank you for the snowflake; it is lovely!