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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Playing Rumpelstiltskin

On Monday, this


Monday night I had our paper folded and setting on the kitchen counter with the picture facing up.  When my DH walked in the door I said, "Don't look at the paper!"  He glanced that way and commented that 'he saw it in the morning and didn't I think he needed to come live with us?'  I quickly agreed and said I was off to meet Winston on Tuesday afternoon.  

My husband and I were convinced that someone else would had all ready adopted Winston by the time I could get there.  I didn't call ahead, because I didn't want that news over the phone.  
I am hesitant to say it was love at first sight, only because that sounds odd considering he's an animal, but I certainly felt this dog was special and would indeed be a perfect match for my family.  As the zookeeper, I do have the executive powers to make such decisions.  Realistically, I was not going to stress out an animal who may not want to be with us, until everyone in my family could come and meet him.  I sent a cell phone picture off to my DH.  He had just left town for 3 1/2 days.  So the first thing I had to do was get the teenagers over to the shelter.  With school, extracurricular activities, and the shelters hours this was a harder task than I expected.  Late on Thursday afternoon, after a Science Olympiad meeting and between ballet Nutcracker rehearsals, I was able to take my kids to the shelter to meet Winston. 
Unknown to my kids, their dad was on his way home early.  He showed up at the shelter about 30 minutes after we did.  All three humans were smitten by this pooch!  Just as I had been.  :)  As we were all talking about having Winston at home, one of the shelter workers came in and said, "You do realize his adoption is paid for, right?"  A little panic mixed with confusion went through my brain.  "What does that mean?" one of us asked.  "He's free," the worker continued.  "An Anonymous donor has all ready paid his fees so someone can take him home."  

This dog is truly something special and meant to be in our life.  

Based on the info gathered at the shelter and my vet, Winston appears to be a 6 year old English Pointer.  He probably was a hunting dog.  The shelter reported he came in with a hunting collar on and points when he sees birds.  He wasn't neutered until just after he came to the shelter.  Nor was his micro-chipped or tagged.  
My ballerina and I took Winston for a long walk in the woods yesterday and he was certainly in his element.  
He seems particularly fond of squirrel and small birds.  The other "hunters" in my house were feeling left out.  When I came home from the walk I found my DH out with the cats.  They like Winston, but are still keeping there distance.  He could care less about them!  
Winston is under weight.  He may have been on the run for some time.  My vet tells me he could use about 8-10 pounds on his frame.  As a now retired hunting dog in a household of four loving humans...I don't think that should be a probably.  Plus, have you looked at my FAT CATS?  
I have found myself playing Rumpelstiltskin.  Since Winston was obviously someone else's dog, surely he had a different name.  Hunting dogs are named too, aren't they?  My son keeps rolling his eyes at me as I say random names out loud, looking for perky ears..."Gus, Buck, Riley, Max, Jasper (drats! It's not that!  I've always wanted a dog named Jasper!!!), Tom, Jerry, Harry, Ron, Fred, George...Spot, Snoopy (little ear perk on this one), Apollo, Orion, Tristan...All four of us have our opinions about what we should call him.  Since we can't agree, his name will now be Winston.  
What name do you think he looks like?  My FIL calls him Sir Winston.  I kind of like owning royalty!  

IU Basketball Coach, Tom Crean
on one of our city buses 

If you can't adopt, give a donation to your local shelter. 


sweetcakes said...

He's really cute and already looks very comfortable in his new home!

Kimara@weefolkart said...

Oh... can you fall in love long distance? He just looks like a lovable fellow! I'm sure he is so happy to have found a home. He is going to be so loyal... out of gratitude :) Have fun with Winston. I think it's a perfect name!

Lauranie said...

I like Winston too...great name!! We adopted Floyd about 4 years ago...some dogs just know "home"!! He looks very happy, as do your beautiful children!!

Anna said...

Welcome to the world of dogs!! Greta and Heike had heard rumors, so we checked your blog from down Browncliff today. He's adorable, and Greta and Theo can't wait to meet him.

You always had such love for Daisy (no matter how bad she smelled). You can charm/handle any creature on this earth, Lisa. Have fun, as you already are.