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Thursday, November 05, 2009

The Ring

Every day I put on a ring that holds the diamond my father gave my mother when they were married 47 years ago.  This ring adorns my right hand since my own wedding ring is on my left hand.  My parents engagement diamond is surrounded by several diamond chips; stones that were gathered by my mom from other jewelry and re-shaped into the current ring I own.  It is beautiful.  As I slide this ring on my finger each morning, I feel that special love that my parents shared seep into my soul.  It's comforting to be able to carry my parents spirit with me.  

But today, I decided to wear a different ring.  It is another precious gem I inherited.  It looks like a pink flower.  It's stones cascade up and down looking like petals.  The petals surround three tiny diamonds in the center.  I'm not sure why I made my decision today to wear this other ring, but I did.  

At school, one of the groups of children I was working with noticed my ring.  Here's how our conversation went:  

Girl 1:  I like your ring.
Me:  Thanks.
Girl 2:  Where did you get it?
Me:  From my mom.
Gabe:  Is she dead?
Me:  Yes.
Girl 1:  It looks like a flower.
Girl 2:  It does.
Girl 1:  I really like it, can I look at it? Does your mom work in an office?
Me: No, my mom is not alive anymore. 
Gabe and I look at one another.  It seems only he is really hearing me.
Gabe: Does she know what heaven looks like? 
Me:  I hope so. 
Gabe:  Do you know what it looks like? 
Me:  No.  Do you? 
Gabe:  No.  Someone told me it is just like here only you don't have to pay for anything.  
Me:  Sound good, don't you think?  Your mom is dead too, isn't she? 
Gabe:  Yeah.  
Me:  Maybe our mom's are together.  Maybe they know each other.  Wouldn't that be cool? 
Gabe:  Yeah, it would.  

I teach first graders how to read.  It is not my place to teach thoughts on heaven or have conversations about death.  As a human being, I think it is my place to help someone else know they aren't alone.  

Today I wondered if Gabe is short for Gabriel and I was grateful for my pink flower ring.  


comfrey cottages said...

awww it is a wonderful gift to let someone know they aren't alone. sounds like forces outside yourself had you wear the different ring today to help this little one:) very cool lisa:)

Sarah said...

It is short for Gabriel. He has some amazing insight...when he isn't being a stinker. You can't help but love that kid. I wish I could adopt him. :o)

parTea lady said...

It is a treasure to have your Mom's ring. I have inherited my Mom's wedding band, a beautiful ring from my grandmother and one from my favorite aunt. It's hard to explain the special feeling I have when I wear them.

What a wonderful moment you were able to share with Gabe and give him a comforting thought about his mom.

Lauranie said...

Sweet! You always seem to know just what to say to make things "good"! You ROCK!! :)

Steph said...

A beautiful, beautiful story.

SAHM said...

Love to hear stories like this . . . just like Esther is told in the Bible, 'perhaps you are here for as such a time as this' with your pink ring on, of course!

Lynn said...

Lisa, this is a lovely story. I believe angels are all around us always, and sometimes they speak and tell us what we long to hear but don't know it-