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Friday, February 06, 2009


Recently I was reminded that my siblings and I were raised by two very generous souls.  And like those two generous souls...we each have some of their generosity that creeps out of us periodically.   That is a very good trait and I am glad we each have some of it inside our beings. 

As I watched another family try to empty a house full of "treasures", the judgmental part of my soul was poked.  The feathers on my back were ruffled.  I am trying to be opened minded, or accepting, not sure what the right term would be.  Maybe "enlightened" is really the proper word.  I was enlightened that even though people can be raised by someone others may see as a generous soul, that doesn't necessarily mean they were influenced by that generosity.  Also, siblings can be very different from one another.  

While my brother, sister and I emptied our mom's house two summers ago, it was common for any one of us to see something that belonged to our mom, dad or step-dad and say, "You know who should have this?"  Then we'd make sure that person had those things.  I recall us being visited by others too during our purging and saying, "Is there anything you could use?" or "Do you know someone who could use this?"  

We did sell large items.  Looking back, I don't really know why we felt we couldn't just give what we didn't want away.  Oh, hind sight.  

I just know in my heart, had any one of my mom's long time friends come over to see me while I was sorting through her old treasures, and even hinted that they would enjoy a keepsake, to remember my mom, I would have given it away. 

But that's just how I am....and my brother is...and my sister too!  Hopefully all of our children will continue our family generosity.  

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