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Friday, February 13, 2009

One With The Earth

In the calm of the late afternoon, I found myself wandering around my yard.  I think I am trying to "get-to-know" my new land.  Each square inch of soil has something unique growing in it.  Since this is my first Spring living here, I am bonding with my yard.  

I noticed tiny little green heads of daffodil plants starting to push their way through the pliable underground.  Their bright green hinting at the beauty they hold inside.  After the big snow storm, then last rain and winds, there is new life ready for the upcoming fresh season.  I found myself eager for the change tonight.  Dead limbs have been blown down.  I feel like an artist anxious to see what is around so I can know, sense or feel with what I have to work.  I am ready to create the environment I am longing for here at the Burrow.  But I need some time to evaluate how I should proceed.  

I saw the forsythia swelling on it's ends; new growth meaning yellow flowers soon to come.  The Carolina Chickadees were checking out my Bluebird box.  They usually are the first "nesters" of the season!  Deer droppings and hoof prints fill my yard signaling caution to me.  I'll need to refresh my memory of all those deer-resistant plants.  

With the recent winds came the loss of a sixty foot dead tree.  It toppled in the best direction possible, but I wonder what the Pileated Woodpeckers will use now to hunt for bugs?  

I can't help myself, I love the Burrow!  

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