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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The colour of the day...Red...

Today's secret is not really a secret, but I am indulging myself and going to see/listen to Joshua Bell tonight!  Twice in about six months!  I must be doing something okay since this is my SECOND free concert to see this fav-o-mine.  

Several weeks ago I knew he would be playing tonight and I thought the tickets would go on sale soon.  I mentioned to my family that I was considering getting myself a ticket.  No one seemed bothered by my thoughts to go to a concert alone.  Then on the morning radio I heard that tickets were going to be given away FREE starting at 10 am.  I had to go work with my first grade readers for a few hours, but I tried to remind myself to go just see if anything was available after school.  So, I went and taught then drove over to the box office...several hours after tickets had been released.  When I showed up there was only one other man in line before me and I heard him asking about tickets.  Just like before, sets of four were being given away and even though this venue was twice as big as the last time, there weren't many seats left.  

With that thought I asked for only one ticket.  The clerk seemed surprised.  She repeated "Just one ticket? You only want one?"  I said yes if there were any available.  

I will be in my seat by 7:30.  Row 36.  I don't know where exactly, stage left or right.  But I don't care!  I can go tonight and selfishly listen to the music!  I don't have to talk to anyone.  I can let the sounds fill my soul.  

The Red Violin is such different music.  I can't wait to hear it live!  I do so enjoy Joshua Bell.  How blessed we are in Bloomington to have this native return home and treat the tribes.  

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