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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Survival of the Fittess - Tripod

I do know I have my grandma's genes in my blood.

I can't help it then, that the site of a deer excites me. This deer fascinates me! Just after we moved into our house I spotted it in our backyard. She may be a yearling, but I have not seen her with the rest of the herd to compare...I do know she hasn't had spots this year.

Last night I happened to have my camera at the ready, daylight on my side and her nibbling in the back yard.

~ :)


lisa said...

A funny side note on this: I sent a photo via the internet to our local newspaper. I thought it's an interesting, not-seen-every-day thing and others might enjoy seeing it too.

The newspaper published my photo today on-line. So far there are 20 comments on it! It's funny to read what others have to say.


sweetcakes said...

I saw your picture in the HT! Very cool!