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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Mixed emotions....Doing the right thing...

I find a lump in my throat right now as I watch my elderly, dementia laden neighbor leaving his house.  His son is in the unfortunate position of making a good choice for his dad.  I've been in those shoes before...it's not an enviable position.  Last Sunday several areas in our community lost power due to Ike's force.  I was not one of those unfortunate few, but across the street they did lose power.  It may be Saturday before it's back up.  My neighbor has had a generator his son set up to keep the basics in his house working.  He also has round-the-clock help.  There comes a point though where what one is doing is just not enough, the right thing and swallowing your pride join up.  I think I just witnessed that across the street.  

My own FIL went to bid farewell to his friend.  My FIL and MIL are a few of the people who this dementia brained friend still recall.  I remained a chicken, peeking from my window, fighting back tears for this scene I was watching.  My friend just left with his dad for a nearby retirement village.  

I was planning on making cookies and walking some across the street to my neighbor.  Now I'll have a little farther to go.  

Life.  Death.  The transition in between.  Balance can be hard to find emotionally.  

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