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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Camera Wars Update

Well, the hardest part of all of this competition has been uploading the photos in an organized manner so they can be viewed.  

My daughter and I went outside at noon today and probably spent an hour snapping shots of the woods and around our house.  After we finished with our cameras we both did some shoveling.  I did our driveway while my daughter helped grandpa do his.  When we finally came inside, we'd been out for over three hours!  We were hungry and cold.  

After perusing our photos we couldn't limit ourselves to only five...surprise, surprise.  I have posted our best 35/33.  You all can leave your comments as to your favorite photos.  

I think we are both winners because we had fun out in the snow and woods together.   We laughed a lot and kept saying, "look at this!"  Only a few times did we try to disrupt each others photo taking.  

We found out about an hour ago that school will be canceled for tomorrow too.  Maybe we'll have another camera war.  I think we'll need to have a little more specific theme.  Any suggestions?  


The Hunts said...

My favorite is of the cat looking out the window. Lots of fun pictures you all took. Great work!


Esmerelda said...

It is hard to look at them side by side since they both do not fill the screen. I would say--it is a tie! I loved the picture of Michelle licking snow.


Mac said...
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sweetcakes said...

That was odd. My comment just posted under Mac's name so let me try again.

My favorites are L23 and M27. I love how the mailboxes frame the picture with the winding road and the "Got Snow" picture is just too cute!

Steph said...

Totally unrelated....I saw your comment on Esme's book thing.

I am also totally caught up in the Twilight series! I have also requested them from the library. You're probably ahead of me!