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Friday, January 09, 2009

Ending and Beginning...

Our kitchen remodeling project has officially come to a close.  Time to start cooking!  

Our Contractor:  Dave McArdle, Bloomington, Indiana

Past & Present 
The Burrow Kitchen Transformation
Above: past sink area
Below: today's sink area
Above:  laundry closet view in the past
Below:  laundry closet view today

Above:  Past view of the walk way from 
the carport to the dining room
Below: Same view...today
Below:  The other side of the island
The built-in wine rack and glass holder
The Burrow finally feels like it is officially ours!  

We are now ready to invite all the former owners here for a visit.  Next week we hope to have the most recent owner back for dinner.  She (and her husband) spent the longest time here...25 years.  After we have her over, then we'll contact the rest to have them come back and share their memories with us too.  In between time, I'll start hosting others here!  I can't wait!!!!!

Kitchen remodeling notes:  
True construction days:  26
Actual calendar days:  53
Holidays encumbered:  Thanksgiving and Christmas

Delays:  None
Perks:  Got to know a ton of very handy individuals, I would recommend them all, especially our contractor.  

For a slide show of the kitchen project from beginning to end, click here:  Burrow Kitchen Transformation.  


Corgidogmama~ said...

What an absolute amazing make-over! THose pics belong in a magazine!

sweetcakes said...

Beautiful! I can't wait to see it in person!

Tigerluv said...

Wow.. the kitchen looks fantastic
Maybe I can come over sometime, for Friday pizza night. :D


glad you liked New Moon, pressure Stella into finishing it, its for her own good!!

Nancy said...


The kitchen looks great!

I just saw the pictures of the original kitchen with the old wallpaper, cabinets, floor and counter tops.

It looks so different and so much better now.

Have fun cooking and entertaining!


Esmerelda said...

Very beautiful. I am sure you must be excited. I look forward to seeing it.


nancyg said...

It's beautiful. I'm sure it is worth the inconvenience and waiting. Your contractor would be well advised to use your photos in a promo (sorry - can you tell I'm in advertising? Really, though, you have great before and after photos.) Isn't it great to have all that counter space?

SAHM said...

Absolutely beautiful! Don't knock yourself out trying to "catch up" with all the baking and cooking you feel like you missed out on, but definitely enjoy it. :)