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Monday, January 05, 2009

Facts my Family Enlightened me on...

...or rather:  Things I learned in one 24 hour period.  

1)  Once you go past Christmas and the new year starts, you cannot watch It's a Wonderful Life.  Apparently I didn't get this memo.  The other three members of my family are adamant about this fact.  I think I will pencil in a date on my calendar right now for next Christmas season. 

2)  In others opinion:   I like to do thank yous but my children do not.  

3)  It's okay to take down the Christmas tree when there hasn't been any snow.  


Steph said...

Hi, there! I found your site through Sweetcakes. Thank you for the holiday card - your family is lovely! Happy New Year! And thanks for the good wishes on the book!

Esmerelda said...


Lets make a date now to have tea over the holidays next year. I would love to do that.

Happy New Year,