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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Defining Words...

Recently, while driving to and from after school activities, my daughter has been asking a lot of thought-provoking questions.  "Do my eye's get more green if I cry?"  "If someone is color blind can they see a policeman's sirens? (Okay, I know what she was meaning to ask on this one, but I couldn't resist saying..."You know what you just said, right?" in my smart-alic mom voice.)  

Some of our conversations are not necessarily politically correct.  Or kind.  But they take place in our van, which is a safe environment for teaching one's offspring.  My daughter has wanted to know the difference between certain words:  Hobo vs. Bum.  Hunk vs. Stud vs. "Pretty Boy".  

My first reaction has always been to say, "What do you think?"  On her eye color she was unsure.  I told her I definitely don't know the answer to that.  I don't recall ever really watching myself cry.  For the color-blind question...again, I don't know.  She thinks maybe a person who is color-blind may see shifting shades of black, grey and white.  That sounds logical to me.  But, I might try to research it sometime.  

Her answers on the others were funny!  She defined a HOBO as the guy who sleeps on the bench near our public library.  A BUM is they guy who asks for money on the corner near McDonald's on the east side of town.  Which leads to my own question...I ask what defines HOMELESS?  The Micky D's guy holds up a sign that says 'Homeless.  Any money will help'...or something like that.  I have been at one of the ATM's nearby in the summertime and he has been on his bicycle in front of me.  He seems really kind and fairly well-kept.  He was very polite and told me he has an account.  "Really," he said.  I believe him.  But, his HOMELESS sign?  I am skeptical.  I think he's working the system.  I think he rents an apartment and therefore considers himself HOMELESS because he doesn't own his home.  Consequently, after seeing him on his bike at the ATM and having him assure me he has an account...he gets no handouts from me.  

My daughter's definitions of Stud vs. Hunk vs. Pretty Boy:  
Stud = Muscular
Hunk = Muscular and Good Looking
Pretty Boy = Good Looking, and he looks like he might be wearing a little make-up.  

Maybe part of my daughter's subconscious reasoning for asking me these questions is to prove to herself her mom is fallible, she's human.  I certainly don't profess to have all the answers she is looking for and needs.  Oh, but I love seeing life through my daughter's fresh, young eyes!  She reminds me to not be so set in my thoughts, my  opinions and my definitions.  

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