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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Cookies and Creme....Sweet Treats of the Week!

COOKIES:  Inspired by the events of this Tuesday, I baked  some cookies.  I was listening to NPR on Monday and they were talking about Michelle Obama's Shortbread Cookies.  I just had to try them.  Even the least adventurous person in my family said they were worth repeating!  I LOVED them.  But, be forewarned...they do call for a few "special" ingredients and I had to cook them much longer than the recipe stated.  Next time I will not bake them as a bar cookie.  

This is like cookies for your ears.  Mmmmm!  Did you happen to see the Inauguration at noon on Tuesday?  While I was listening to Fred Child this afternoon on Performance Today, he played the above recording AND mentioned he had this link on his blog.  I am documenting it here for me most of all.  I think it's 4 minutes and 17 seconds of sweetness.  

Sweet treats this week!  Yummy!  

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