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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Day 25: Part 1: Bated Breath!

Today was the first day back to school after winter break, and luckily for me a 2 hour delay!  I love what I do, but as my children walked out to catch their delayed bus I received a phone call from my contractor!  Freezing rain has made the roads in the area very slick, but my counter tops are coming!  They should be here within the hour!  

I am waiting with bated breath.   Dave tells me everyone (plumbers, trim guy, electrician, etc.) is scheduled to be here today and tomorrow.  My cardboard counter tops may indeed be a thing of the past.  My sink may be installed, the dishwasher make get hooked up, the oven may get reprogrammed, I may have a new gas cook top, I may get to bake those cookies soon!  

Well, Dave just arrived!  Maybe I'll be doing my happy dance this evening!  I will try to remember to breath and not expect too much.  

"After all...tomorrow is another day."  says
 Scarlett/Gone with the Wind-1939

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sweetcakes said...

Well, what's the verdict? Did they arrive?