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Sunday, January 04, 2009

Day 25: Tomorrow; Day 49: Today

Construction time vs. actual time.  

I really miss my kitchen.  I had hoped that on Friday (Jan.2) the appliance repair guy was going to be able to fix my never-since-it-got-here-has-it-worked oven.  I was wrong.  

I even had it planned out...he'd be here between 8 and noon, I'd make Chocolate Chip Cookies to christen the oven and then homemade pizza for dinner.  No cookies.  No pizza.  Instead we dined on leftover Christmas turkey heated in the microwave.  Good, but not cookies and pizza.  

My FIL offered their oven for making my cookies.  True, I could go use their oven.  That's not the point.  I just really want my own kitchen, the Burrow's kitchen, to be up and running.  My patience is waning.  Hopefully, hopefully, hopefully one week to go.  

When the appliance repair guys (APG) came, they did notice that the power to the oven was not up to the correct voltage.  One line read 120 volts and the other between 40-50 volts.  A quick call to my contractor had the electrician back out here.  He ended up needing to replace a breaker.  Although the APG's were here at noon and the electrician was here at 3, there wasn't enough time in the day to get the APG's back out here.  I tried.  They just need to come back and reprogram (or re-boot) the oven.  This is the downfall of technology.  Nothing can be simple!  The APG's are scheduled to come back out on TUESDAY!  

Hence I have decided that I will make NOTHING in the new kitchen until it's all back together.  A test run of the oven will happen, but no baking.  
In the mean time, I continue to walk on my treadmill and watch the Food Network.  I watched a show called  Everyday Italian and I made myself hungry!  Two dishes were made that I just had to try:  

Both dishes were easy to make and tasty.  The differences I included were on the Spaghetti...I added more pasta water than the recipe called for and used Italian seasoned bread crumbs.  Both of those suggestions were in the comments on-line AND the chef on the show actually added more water herself.  

My in-laws came over to share this feast with us so I purchased some Italian bread and Spumoni Ice Cream to top things off.  My husband likes his bread warmed and since we had a fire going in the fireplace...well, you can guess how the bread was heated.  The spaghetti looked good too in my new pasta bowl!  My niece gave it to us for Christmas, but you might note I said my new pasta bowl!   


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sweetcakes said...

Hang in there, you're in the home stretch! It will all be worth it in the end!