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Monday, January 12, 2009

Not my Father-in-law's friends...

This is a pair of Pileated
If you are
older than
40 you might 
the cartoon
He was based on this guy.  Mr. PW has a red moustache, Mrs. PW does not.  

About 18 years ago my in-laws decided to add on to their current house.  They added a sewing room and a sun room...imagine a "U" shaped house, and extend the "arms" of the "U".  Their house is even older than ours, so at that time it had been here for over 30 years.  The additions looked beautiful and really extended their living space.  Both rooms overlook the backyard.  The sun room faces east and as it's name implies, it is three walls of windows.  Unfortunately my in-laws do live next to the woods, and their neighbors didn't appreciate the addition.  One Pileated decided to let my FIL know his disappointment and he pecked the rim around several windows on the sun room.  He did thousands of dollars worth of damage.  None of which was covered by insurance!  If only the Pileated had broken the glass, things would have been different.  My FIL was furious.  He was ready to relocate the culprits...really he wanted to help them nap, in the dirt...but after calling the DNR and then the Purdue University Extension office, he found out they are a protected bird.  The PU Extension kindly sent him some Mylar streamers to hang up to discourage any more damage.  Pileated's are very territorial.  My FIL was invading THEIR space.  

This Christmas my FIL received the suet feeder and suet from a niece who lives in Florida.  I don't think she recalls this problem my FIL had.  After Christmas my FIL asked if I would like this feeder for my yard.  I didn't want to take his gift, but I understood his concerns.  So, I told him it was still his, but we could put it down at the back of my yard where he can view it from his place...nice and far away from the sun room!  

I must admit, living in a house covered in stone, I relish seeing this majestic pair.  I've read that the Ivory-Billed Woodpecker looks very similar but is a lot larger.   

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