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Friday, December 12, 2008

Construction Time versus Real Time

Today is day 19 in construction time, but it is day 26 in real time.  
Real time without a true kitchen feels really LONG!  

No complaints.  Things are right on schedule and moving smoothly.  I can just taste the completed kitchen and I want it done yesterday so I can get back in to creating in there!  

Crock pot cooking sucks!  Maybe it's just because my CP is 22 years old.  If my CP wasn't so good at keeping chili warm on those few occasions every five years I use it, I'd think about getting rid of it.  I've not been impressed with it's abilities over the past month.  

Remember Palmolive Dish Soap and their ads?  If you are my age, growing up you'd recall Madge, the nail salon gal saying,  "Dish washing liquid, yes.  But its softens your hands while you do the dishes.  You're soaking in it."  Since my dishwasher has been sitting against a wall in the basement, I have decided to abandon my normal dish washing liquid for something to pamper my hands.  Palmolive seems fine on my hands, but nothing in the whole wide world can rescue my finger nails.  They have become brittle from all the dish washing they have had to do.  Poor things!  They break off if I just look at them!  My hands miss the dishwasher!  

And, washing dishes in a bar sink is a challenge.  The dishes need to be done in batches.  Large plates and pots don't even really fit under the faucet let alone in the sink.  I have been trying to figure out if my kids really need to use plates and cups.  I have been recently considering allowing my children to be barbarians and just eat straight from the pans.  Milk drinking should happen right from the jug.  Maybe we should try seeing if we can connect with our medieval roots too and give up our silverware.  

Just a few thoughts.  

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