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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Simple Gifts...

Last week I had one of my quarterly Community Advisory Board meetings for the local public TV station, WTIU.  I have been a part of this group since it started up, which I think was about five years ago.  I am the true peon of the group.  No connections, no title, just Community Volunteer.  I faithfully go to the meetings and hear what's happening with the station.  Once home, I chat about what I have learned with my husband, in-laws and friends.   Sometimes those closest to me hear what I think or how others can use the stuff I've gleaned from the meeting conversations.  In general I don't feel like much of an asset to this CAB group, but I do feel I bring a bit of 'Joe, the Public' to the table.   

Over the past two years a constant topic has been the impending HD transition.  We are now within 100 days of the true conversion date.  In fact, checking the web site, WTIU, I see there are only 70 days until the conversion happens!   Will this affect you?  The above link has a lot of good information.  They have staff on hand too one could chat with...in case you prefer a person and not a computer screen.  The General Manager of WTIU always leads our meetings and he had a good request I think worthy of sharing.  

If you do not need a converter box, request your two coupons on line.  Click here for on-line coupon request link.  Then, once they arrive, forward them to your local public TV station.  Public television is something everyone has access too.  You don't need cable to get this signal.  But, some of the folks public television serves are underprivileged.  They may not have the cable lines that reach their homes, they may not have the language know how to communicate properly, or they may be living on a very fixed income.  They could be elderly or unemployed.  They might just choose to not purchase cable.  All ready my local station has had people call and say that their coupons have expired, can they get another.  The answer is no.  If YOU don't need your coupons, apply and send them on to a source who can get them to someone who can use them.  I requested my coupons last week.  It took all of three minutes to do.  

If you aren't sure if you really need a converter box or not, check out the WTIU link above.  
Other Simple Gifts:  

Save Box Tops for Education.  Most schools collect these 10 cent vouchers.  If you don't have children in your household, but have them in your neighborhood, get to know their parents and see if they will take your Box Tops to school for you.  Better yet, stop by or mail them yourself to the nearest elementary school.  What a thoughtful gift!  

And my personal favorite: pop tabs!  When my son was very small, my husband and I had an opportunity to get away for a weekend through his job.  I was touched by one of the flight attendants who was going up and down the aisle collected the tops of the cans.  I asked her why and she said it was just something she did for the Ronald McDonald House.  For they last 15 years, I too have collected these little tabs.  Maybe it's my own way of hoping I never need to use the serves of a hospital for some life threatening event for my kids.  I do tend to be a bit superstitious.  Whatever the reason, I am in such a habit of collecting these little tabs, that even when I go to a friends or relatives house, or am on vacation, I will pluck the tab and stow it in my pocket.   Apparently these little tabs are pure aluminum, unlike the cans that are made of several alloys.  About once a year I will gather my baggies full of tabs and take them to the nearest McDonald's.  

I know it's not much.  But, I like to find little unique ways to help make a difference in this world.  I guess it's just the peon in me!  

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