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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Day 24 (Dec. 22.)...slowing down before Christmas

Day 24 of construction was the Monday before Christmas.  It was a day of handles on cabinets, painting and hanging of doors on the closets, oven repair man showing up, and  plumbers seeing if the lines were clogged.  

Since the trim for the crown molding is not in, the counter top is not in, the oven needs parts ordered and Christmas being here, things have really come to a stand still for a bit.  It is big tease of a kitchen!  Christmas Eve dinner we had all the relatives here...15 of us total.  Dinner was all purchased ready made from Aunt Kroger.  Cheese, crackers, soups, sushi, baked chicken, rice dish side salads and a fruit tray.  I opted for paper plates and cups because I didn't think my hands or the bar sink could handle the load.  Although dinner was easy and good, I don't think I would like to repeat this as a Christmas Eve dinner tradition.  I would much rather labor in the kitchen and watch the happy smiles as the family eats what I prepare.  Last year I had a traditional polish dinner, like when I grew up.  I had the table set with my best china and we dined on food I prepared.  Next year I will re-instate that tradition.  

Today is Day 42 in real time without my kitchen.  I think I am forgetting how to do things in a real kitchen.  Dave told me on December 22nd that the counter tops won't be in until after the first of the year.  I imagine this next week will be a very quiet one at the Burrow.  Thank goodness once again for in-laws living right next door and lots of Christmas dinner leftovers.  

The big happy news of the past week was that now the washer and dryer do work.  No more water puddles on the new floor!  After our six house guests left it was nice to be able to wash their towels and sheets here.  

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