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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Day 23...Painting, Shelving, Laundry and Humor!

On Day 22, I was busy trying to finish my Christmas shopping while the kids were in school.  Lots of errands kept me away from the house for the entire day.  Returning home there were lots of good surprises!  Drywall holes were filled.  The refrigerator found its home and has been busy making ice!  Ice in a drink is something one rarely pauses to think about.  We have been without this treat since November 17th.  Dave created the picture framing around the oven.  It looks beautiful!  But, here is where my first little piece of humor comes in...It does look beautiful, but the oven won't work!  It has power and all has been fine through construction.  The problem is an internal one.  Apparently there is an internal circuit board that needs to be replaced.  I am hoping this is not a sign of the future for the Beast.  
Since all was together with the oven, I thought it would be really nice to have some corn bread with out White Bean Tuscan Soup I was making for dinner.  I came upstairs to see if I could figure out how to turn on the oven.  After pressing three buttons an error sign came up and it wouldn't go away.  A call to customer service, and a handy researching-the-Internet husband, made it apparent that a repair man would have to be called  to fix this!  Next Monday...maybe I can bake.  Crackers accompanied our soup.  
Since I haven't shown the shoe shelf in awhile I thought I'd highlight that too.  My daughter pointed out that it can only hold four pairs of shoes.  It's fun when you say something, it goes in one ear and out the other of your kids and then eventually they have an A-HA moment on their own.  The point of this shelf has always been to hold only four pairs of shoes...four of us, one pair of shoes for popping outdoors for each of us.  Even though my daughter is a Venus, she acts a lot like Mars now and then!  
Day 23 (Friday) had Dave painting the trim, the closet shelves being installed and all the guys from Day One's de-construction returning to bring the washer, dryer and dishwasher back upstairs.  Although not connected yet, it is great to see the dishwasher back up in the kitchen.
I have been going next door to wash our laundry at the in-laws for these past five weeks.  If my FIL has said it once, he's said it at least 10 times. "Boy, you all have a lot of laundry!"  This coming from a man whose wife does their laundry and who lives in a household of two...teenage girl free, I might add.  

Just when I think something might be working smoothly, and I take a photo to document it (look above at the gorgeous green lights on the washer and dryer), I have another minor problem.  While on the phone to my husband, and I swear I had just told him I was in heaven because I was doing the laundry, and yes to my brother I do know there are a ton of jokes in that statement!, I heard a strange gushing water sound.  I told my husband to hold on as I stepped up into the kitchen.  There flowing across the floor was a puddle of water.  I quickly told my Sweets I needed to go as I hung up on him.  My son ran to help and grabbed towels.  I turned off the washer and started mopping up water.  

Here's what happened.  I have a fairly powerful washer and the kitchen sink is not hooked up yet.  The sink is still in it's box and won't be come out until the counter top is here.  Under the sink, if it were there, the pipes sit...open, and facing the door.  Either due to a clog somewhere in the line to the sewer, or just because the system is open, the water from the washer decided to shoot out the sink pipe.  Boy, did it have some force to it too!  The positives are that it was very clean water, I was here, I had a helpful son handy, and I could see the "I Love Lucy" moment I was having clearly.  

Although today is not officially supposed to be a construction day, Dave will be here to cap the pipe.  Hopefully just closing the system will solve my problem.  

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sweetcakes said...

all you new appliances look beautiful...including the hood and rack.