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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Day 16...The Cabinets are Coming!

Day 15, yesterday, had little noticeably done.  

Today is Day 16 and the cabinets are supposed to start being installed.  This process should take the rest of the week.  Also on tap for this week: the grout will be sealed, the walls should be painted, the vent hung (I think), the counter top people in to measure what's needed and by the end of the week the appliances will be arriving.  It will be a busy rest of the week around here.  The visqueen might come down too after this stage.  Once the grout gets sealed and the walls get painted, the washer and dryer can come back upstairs and be functional again.  When that happens, I will be a happy lady!  

I'll add a photo later today when there is some change to show.  :)

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