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Monday, December 15, 2008

Day 20...??? Hiccups & Slow Downs mixed with Creativity

Not sure what will be happening today and this week.  Mostly I say that because Friday was full of "oh, crap!"  Dave, Chris and I spent the afternoon all in different places, yet connected, stewing about whether or not the oven will fit in the space it's supposed to fit into.  All has gone just fine up until last Thursday, when the appliances arrived.  Specs were known well in advance of the cabinets being ordered, but...in a perfect world, all would just slid into place.  In reality, cabinets get designed just a little off, pipes come out of the floor just an inch away from where they should, trim gets shipped too green and placed on top of one another.  I think this is where the true artisans show what they are made of - their creativity shines.  I am sure my construction artisans will work miracles over this next week.  

The electricians are due here today.  They should finish the outlets and switches.  We bought the light fixtures for the closets and sink over the weekend.  The electricians will put those in too.  Maybe the oven challenge will get solved today.  Hopefully the floor, where the 'fridge, washer & dryer goes will get sealed so those appliances can find their homes this week.  

Other things that could come together this week: trim around closet doors, closet doors up, stove hood & pot rack hung, crown molding up, hardware ordered and/or installed, walls painted.  I am sure this list could lengthen too.  

All the above aside, what is happening in the kitchen looks fantastic!  It's so cool!

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